About us

At Stubbylee Community Greenhouses we have created an environment where all people of East Lancashire are given the opportunity to engage with a life transformative environment. Practical help, a helping hand and human connection enable them to find and develop their skills and grow personally. We support the local community with a particular focus on rehabilitation for individuals who have physical or mental ill health or have long term unemployment issues .

The community ethos we have is one where respect for the individual and the environment is the main focus with an emphasis on teamwork and working towards a common goal. We offer activities for a range of interests including – gardening, woodwork, mentoring, building, allied trades and artistic creative activities.

The Board of Trustees:

Acting Chair: Ben Millward
Vice Chair: David Brae
Treasure: John Belfield
Secretary: Rachel Heeks
Local Authority Representative: Stephanie Thornton
Volunteer representatives: Keith McClelland, Keith Naylor, David Greenland

Staff team

Operations Manager: Souta Van Wick
Deputy Project manager: John Harvey
ELRC Administrator: Sarah Codd
CAB Advisor: Jenny Duthie
Site Counsellor: Julie Longstaff

The national systematic changes in NHS service delivery, DWP Welfare benefits assessment and economic austerity has left our statutory services, companies and employers in a very difficult position.

We have developed a highly effective co-production model which encourages local businesses, companies and services to engage in partnership work with us to share their expertise whilst supporting their workforce to future proof their well being.