How we help

As a participant you will not be called a service user or client, but as either a volunteer, participant or learner who can make an essential contribution to the day to day work, delivery and decision-making, of our charity.

We provide open access, person centred, holistic, support to hundreds of people a year from our beautiful premises in Stubbylee Park in Bacup, Rossendale. Our projects offer life transforming interventions for all members of our local and wider community, particularly those who face the challenges of mental ill health, social isolation and unemployment. Most importantly we offer a listening ear, social contact, direct avenues to support and productive activity.

There is no referral process, just a phone call or a visit to site, thus reducing barriers and stigma and allowing timely interventions to address needs as soon as requested. Our staff take time to fully understand the circumstances and life events which have brought people to us. We then tailor support within our projects or sign post out if appropriate.

Dementia Friendly

As quoted by Dementia Friendly Rossendale:
“People with dementia repeatedly state that the negative attitude of those they encounter on a day-to-day basis brings the biggest impact on their lives.”

In partnership with Dementia Friendly Rossendale, ELRC provides awareness raising courses which are open to all individuals , organisations and companies. SCG has created a Memory Garden specifically designed to offer a therapeutic social environment sited in the heart of our gardens.

What we do
Our volunteers and staff are trained Dementia Friends, offering 1-1 support for individuals with dementia and their carers wishing to improve their social isolation and well-being.

Our café, college and site are dementia friendly and we continue to develop partnerships with organisations such as Cares Link and residential care providers to enable individuals to access our services

How to get involved
For visits to the site:
Call: (SCG main office) 01706 872111 Email:

For courses:
ELRC: 07933 812 890 or email

For information about Dementia Friendly Rossendale:

Structured placements

Stubbylee Community Greenhouses are committed to supporting people with a learning and or physical disability to lead fulfilling lives with maximum independence. At the core of our service is the belief in developing social relationships, which enable the individual to feel empowered, able to express their individuality,exercise their choices and feel they have equal rights to others.

The environment we have created at Stubbylee Greenhouses, is inclusive and supportive. We have experienced volunteer mentors who provide individual support for people with life long learning disabilities. Our environment offers a wealth of productive activities from gardening, to explore their skills, interests and social needs. Because the community who attend the Greenhouses represents a wide cross section of society,we can offer a non stigmatising, fully integrated experience for those with Learning Disabilities to engage socially and practically.

Who’s it for?
All structured placements are a paid for service for individuals who require support to enable them to lead a full and integrated life. The finances for which are arranged through Social Services direct payments received by individuals with life long learning disabilities.

What we offer
Stubbylee Community Greenhouses can offer this service 5 days a week by arrangement with families , carers or social services.

An initial transition period is carefully overseen and managed by the site manager and the family or carer before any commitment to a placement is arranged. During this time our staff will take time to understand the needs of the individual , get to know what skills, interests or activities could be developed. There after, the family/carer and staff members will create a program of activities and a key mentor will be assigned.

Facilitating personal development
Regular discussion with the individual their family/ carer and their mentor takes place.
Weekly monitoring is undertaken by the key mentor and overseen by the manager.
At the heart of our daily work we ensure that programmes of activity are carefully structured and appropriate for the individual.
We use a combination of self assessment and peer mentor evaluation to monitor and facilitate optimum personal development.

For more information
Call: (SCG main office) 01706 872111 Email:


We work with a wide range of partners where we share skills, resources and staff to ensure the best service possible for all involved. This also means that a seamless wrap-around service for our volunteers can be easily achieved.

For more information
Call: (SCG main office) 01706 872111 Email:

Consultancy & Advice

We offer consultancy and advice on our journey focused recovery model of wellbeing coupled with our unique interventions and holistic approach to a wide range of organisations from fledgling charities to large established organisations.

For more information
Call: (SCG main office) 01706 872111 Email: